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Project Updates

HammerWorks CRP Round 4 Keycaps

Group Buy successfully concluded.

HammerWorks CRP Round 4.5 Keycaps

The group buy was recently closed on 23 May 2021, with all payments made to kick off production. Targeted completion date hinted near end of the year. However I do anticipate major delays due to humongous keycaps kitting arrangement this round, with Drop and several other vendors joining in the fray. I will try my best to update when necessary.  

Skeleton60 Keyboard

Group buy orders are all completed, they turned out to be very gorgeous. 

Collection of shipping fees at the moment. I am targeting to ship out all of them out by mid June 2021, provided all shipping has been paid for. I will be posting extras once all original orders are properly fulfilled here, based on FCFS. 

13 June 2021 Update: Additional delay of 1-2 months expected. I have sent out a communication to all Group Buy participants on the details.

31 August 2021 Update: All boards are made. Pending for Covid lockdown in YangZhou to clear up, shipping and QC will commence very soon once situation improves.

Moon TKL Keyboard

31 May 2021 Update: Currently stuck at pre-anodization phase.

Spoken to the manufacturer on 31 May 2021, there are 2 teething problems at the moment non-related to Moon TKL production. 

  1. The anodization plant is facing two backlogs to fix their current orders. Since my orders are slotted in pretty late in 2020, we will have to wait a while more.
  2. PCB chip shortages. The PCBs that were created for the manufacturer's backlogs were faulty and the shortage of chips further exacerbate this issue.

I have been in close communication with the manufacturer on a weekly update basis. It seems like delivery times might be further pushed back to late August 2021. In the event this is completed earlier, I will make further announcements for shipping fees collection.  Do note, I am watching and monitoring this very closely, so please do not worry.

31 August Update 2021: Finished CNC, currently at finishing and anodization phase.