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With so much going on into my first foray into e-commerce, I felt a lamentable neglect of the hobby with dozens of keyboards stacking up in my room. Being terrible in product photography and html coding certainly does exacerbate this situation. Just this morning, my brother sneered at most of the photos I have taken, mostly out of focus and bad lighting. In revenge, he has to produce the shots I needed by end of today for this site to prove his points (草).

Here is one of my terrible photos for my upcoming project - Belle en Rose:

My previous completed group buys revolves around Google Forms, PayPal Invoices and coupled with other menial tasks for fulfillment. Some of my closest friends inside the hobby encouraged me (thank you!) which compelled me to change the situation I am currently in. On second thoughts, moving onto this platform would be a really good opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences about the hobby.

As someone working in the healthcare industry, last year has been a tumultuous ride with the on-going pandemic, resulting many delays in my projects and my free time diminishing. With the situation improving today, I felt there is a need to go back to the roots, to take some time off to appreciate and review some of my previous projects and collections. Maybe moving forward, I will post my builds and thoughts about my personal collection once a month; if I am not embarrassed enough to do that.

Signing off,